"All women speak two languages:

the language of men 

and the language of silent suffering.

Some women speak a third, 

the language of queens."

Mohja Kahf, The Marvelous Women   (via thatkindofwoman)


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Did I mention we might get wet?

This demands an explanation.
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White “allies”


But if it was “white power” she’d be racist and probably beat. But you know, it’s whatever.

Black power ≠ white power
Black power = Resistance. A response to the abuse and subjugation of white supremacy. Recognizing the humanity of Blackness. Black people uplifting themselves from the margins. A rallying cry of self-love, self-actualization and autonomy. Black power does not mean the subjugation and abuse or torment of white people. It has never meant this and it never will. Show me the examples of “Black power” chants stripping whites of anything.
white power = white supremacy, subjugation, abuse and torment of everyone not white. Anywhere chants of “white power” ring, hatred follows behind. Look no further than the people who scream “white power” and why they say it.
This stuff is not hard to understand or figure out.
The fact that a white woman is in that Ferguson crowd unharmed is proof positive that a chant of “Black power” is not about dehumanizing, abusing, torturing or subjugating white people. Black people are not even in the position to do that. 
On the other hand, ask yourself, what would happen to a lone Black person in a crowd of white supremacists chanting “white power”? Would that black person be safe?
The ignorant think “Black power” means enacting to white people what “white power” has enacted to Black people.

Also take into account that the actual KKK showed up to Ferguson and were protected by police. 
Think about that shit.
The kkk who scream “white power” and are known to be violent, were safer than unharmed Black teens in Ferguson. 
Yeah white power and black power are totally not the same.

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someone please tell me how this is even possible

Carbon Fiber. Mostly carbon fiber.